Saturday, March 24, 2012

(VA) The Colossal Saxophone Sessions [2CDs - 1995]

(VA) The Colossal Saxophone Sessions [2CDs - 1995]

(VA) The Colossal Saxophone Sessions [2CDs - 1995]

HASH: 8ae8d071c12db8f58851290dcecfcf7eb3bf2aed

*(VA) The Colossal Saxophone Sessions [2CDs - 1995].zip

+css 1995/Back.jpg

+css 1995/cd1/(01) [Konitz, Morgan, Shepp, Murray, Harrison, Zorn] Blues for 52nd Street.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(02) [Konitz] Like Someone in Love.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(03) [Zorn] Promptus.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(04) [Liebman, Wallace, Coleman] King Tut.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(05) [Liebman] Bemsha Swing.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(06) [Coleman] Quasi Enni.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(07) [Wallace] Flamingo.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(08) [Person] There is no Greater Love.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(09) [Woods] Goodbye Mr. Evans.mp3

+css 1995/cd1/(10) [Woods, Person, Liebman, Wallace, Coleman Bailey] Blues for JC (alternate take).mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(01) [Konitz, Zorn] Devil's Island.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(02) [Shepp, Murray] Bamboo.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(03) [Shepp] My Little Brown Book.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(04) [Murray] Spoonin'.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(05) [Konitz, Morgan, Harrison] In a Sentimental Mood.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(06) [Morgan] Footprints.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(07) [Harrison] Four.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(08) [Konitz, Morgan, Liebman, Murray, Harrison] Tu-Way-Pack-E-Way.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(09) [Liebman] Why Try To Change Me Now.mp3

+css 1995/cd2/(10) [Woods, Person, Liebman, Wallace, Coleman, Bailey] Blues for JC.mp3

+css 1995/CDs.jpg

+css 1995/Front.jpg

+css 1995/In1.jpg

+css 1995/In2.jpg

+css 1995/In3.jpg

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